I Can’t Live Without You

I can’t live without you.

A refrain echoed in the heart’s of anyone who has loved past their limits.

But isn’t this untrue? It’s quite the opposite really: I love you so hard, you make me want to live.

Fiery red love – and not just romantic love, a love between any two people or two beings. That kind of love expands our heart, grows it bigger than is comfortable, beyond our own body, to the point of it getting scary because it’s so big we can’t protect it anymore.

A heart like that leaves us no choice but to explore, to walk around in the mystery of ourselves a little longer than we’re used to doing, to be comfortable getting lost, almost purposefully, forgetting the way home and stepping out of the tether so that we can attach to new things.

Love leads us astray. For the sake of the ones we love so dearly, we change our patterns, we face our fears, and we walk further outside the perimeter. It’s in these actions, so selfless and earnest, that love teaches us to live our lives fully.

This is the gift of love and the message from those that love us. The more we love, the deeper we love, the brighter the fire, the bigger the light. And the further we can see.