Lucky Fool

To be a fool is a wonderful thing.

It means you’re naive, innocent, and trusting enough to be wooed into something out of the ordinary.

Having oatmeal fall on your head, stepping into a pair of shoes filled with shaving cream, showing up to an important meeting only to find a roomful of people laughing at you…. these are not things to be ashamed of. To me, they signify that you’re on the right track, that you take people at face value even after having been led into the mud so many times before.

I’ve always felt like the joke’s on the joker, the one who thought up the elaborate prank to fool another, the one who gets a kick out of turning earnestness into comedy.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good gag; I’ll wear the fool’s crown for the benefit of the room.

But I’ll never be embarrassed for believing you.