One Question, One Click

We’re often one question away from peace.

No matter how serious or stressful the situation may feel, if we can figure out the right question to ask (and answer), our suffering will begin to lessen

I ask questions all day long. In some ways I feel like a safe cracker with his ear to the metal door, trying things out and listening for the click.

Funny, how we can’t crack our own safes.

It’s not a competence thing.

It’s just that we’ve been running the same combinations for years and it’s like our fingers and minds can only work with a certain set of numbers and a limited number of sequences. The frustration comes when we start to believe we’ve tried everything, and that there are no numbers left and no new sequences.

Still, our fingers work at that lock.

It’s like when you are looking for your keys and you check the same jacket pocket like 3 times and then your friend/partner/child/dad steps in and finds them in about 3 seconds.

Sometimes our patterns block us.

Sometimes the voices in our heads lead us in circles; they drown out the more important sounds. The little sounds

You’d be amazed how easy it is to miss that click.

It’s as soft as a sigh and as quiet as a button being undone from across the room.

Invite someone else in, lead them to the safe, and stand back.

You know YOU but you don’t know everything.

New fingers, new minds. That’s what you need.