In Common

Things are tough out there.

I’m seeing a lot of pain in people, doing more therapy than career coaching.

People are having the rug pulled out from under them, people who never thought they’d be the ones getting hit.

Layoffs to fix balance sheets.

Strikes to balance paychecks.

Robots eating our lunch.

Politicians destroying democracy from the inside out.

The Pandemic pushing us apart.

Wars waged by the worst of us, harming the rest of us.

Everything getting smaller and more expensive.

All of it sends ripples through the economy and into our homes like an earthquake.

Will The Selfish always lead the Selfless?

Is Wisdom merely a deeper understanding of Suffering?

I punched a cereal box in the grocery store the other day, when I realized just how full of air it was. (Then I looked for cameras.)

It seems like the charlatans get to win way too much these days, like karma doesn’t really exist; just another scam by the scammers, a soft blindfold.

The Loudest, The Rudest, and The Most Hurtful seem to take everything, as the rest of us, small and separate, stand to the side under the weight of daily obligations, watching our beloved things being hauled away.

The last thing we have in common.

Maybe we start there.