The Aftermath of Joy

I woke up slightly hungover, throat thrashed from singing Nirvana, Boys II Men, Extreme, and The Commodores. I still had my smiley face scarf in my hand, glitter eyeshadow spritzed across my pillow. Downstairs, empty bottles, crumbs on plates, “wounded soldiers” and wine glasses squeezed onto every surface. The 50th Birthday sign still lit up, disco ball spinning.

And the memories… yummier than the appetizers.

People from every chapter of my life, many that flew in… Family, friends from college, post-college, pre-kids, during kids, during second kids… singing their hearts out, gushing with love, high fives everywhere, so much applause.

Few things are as timeless and lovely as standing in a circle of friends and receiving the birthday song in a raucous chorus, all eyes filled with big red hearts.

And before that, all of the texts, GIFs, Facebook posts, I-love-you-mans, and LinkedIn messages coming in from everywhere — thoughts about me (and us!) lighting up for just a moment, like a constellation speckling the sky.

From clients and colleagues too!

Halfway through life, and I’ve chalked up some fantastic memories with beautiful people, generous people, kind people, including you.

I am grateful, full as the moon, bright as the sun, and looking to the horizon.

There’s plenty to celebrate and much more to discover.

Come with me.

Let’s rock.