Meaningful Change

(1 min read)

Becoming is incremental.

You don’t wake up one day and – BAM – you’re lost. Or – VOILA – enlightenment.

Meaningful change takes time and happens so slowly you can’t witness any one piece of it, like leaves turning from green to gold.

It takes faith and ritualized commitment. What’s more, with the most important of goals, such as moral fulfillment, inner peace, career wholeness, and spiritual connection, the short-term results are invisible and no one is watching.

To get where you’re going, you have to believe every day, indeed every moment, is an opportunity to move in the right direction. And then you have to follow that belief, often with no earthly reward, no applause, no carrot.

It’s a lot easier to walk aimlessly and take what comes, gathering the shiniest and heaviest of rocks, but then there’s no path and, over time, you will get tired of walking and acquiring and you will want to have a nice, simple place to rest with a great, wide view of your footprints marking the land.

That takes time, tiny little footsteps, and great intention.