That Judging Thing

Don’t judge me!

Sorry. Can’t help it.

We’re designed to judge each other; it’s for our safety and survival.

Our brains make rapid-fire decisions about what we see based on past experience, learned and lived. We tell ourselves (in a split second), we’re more likely survive if we partner with those people, instead of those people.

Ironically, this proclivity toward likeness is what divides us.

You can’t stop judging; you’re human.

But you can train yourself to notice when you’re doing that judging thing and then step back to reevaluate.

It’s that 2-second pause that will save us.

It’s the space for growth, a tiny little Hobbit door to the other side, appearing out of nowhere and all too often overlooked.

But it’s there.

Pause, step through, and we all live.