I Wish I Had More Time In The Day

As adults with full lives, this often becomes our mantra:

I wish I had more time in the day.

We carry the belief that we need more time. We work hard with the hope that we’ll free ourselves by day’s end and capture that elusive extra time we know is out there somewhere.

But, if you are to be one of the lucky ones to find more time somewhere in the corners of your day, you know all too well, deep down, that it’s not more time that will save you.

It’s not automatic.

Time isn’t a solution.

Time is an empty room.

You don’t need more time.


Instead of seeking more time, seek something that will inspire you. It’s both easier to do and more effective.

And if you can’t think of anything that will inspire you, ask someone what they think will inspire you. They’ll know. It’s usually pretty obvious to everyone else because they’re on the outside watching what you do, not caught up in thinking what you think.

If you have no time, the solution is not to cut things out of your day; rather, what you need to do is add one more thing into your day: an activity, a pilgrimage, an unusual visit. You need to go somewhere. Have a destination in mind but allow yourself to wander. Do something novel, something you haven’t done at all, or at least not in a while.

Once you make a physical shift, the mental shift will follow.

It’s counterintuitive: solving your time-shortage problem by doing an activity that will take more time, but trust me…

Inspiration is an alchemist; it turns lead into gold and emptiness into energy.

And once you have energy, real energy at the cellular, you transform. Your eyes see through things. You can knock down walls with your breath, and escape that small, empty room you didn’t even realize you were in.

It’s INSPIRATION, not Time, that allows you to step past the rubble out into the vast expanse and see the paths winding through the trees.

It’s INSPIRATION that enables you to feel the warmth of the sun, instead of resenting it for disappearing over the horizon.

And, strange as it sounds, once you find INSPIRATION, and sit with it, bask in its glow, you’ll suddenly have more time.