Perfect Vision

Being laid back can affect your vision.

I learned this in my doctor’s office.

I had been having trouble with my new progressives – the snazzy moswen name for bifocals. I was getting completely dizzy and it wasn’t wearing off. I had trouble seeing clearly.

She asked me to take off my glasses and then we talked for a bit.

After a few minutes she told me she figured out my problem.

I noticed while you were talking to me that your head was tilted back. Like it is now. See how your chin is just a little raised?

Ha. It is!

That’s probably forcing you to always look out of the bottom of your glasses, where your reading lenses are, so when you’re just going along with your day, you’re not looking out of your regular lenses, you’re looking out of your reading lenses. Because your head is tilted so far back.


I’d never thought about the way my head is situated on my neck, but, now that I know, I like the idea that it’s tilted *backwards.*

It goes with my vibe.

If you were to draw a figure with a tilted-back head and a smile, it would signify someone who is perpetually amused, a dreamer looking up to the sky, a non-threatening person taking it all in, someone wanting the sun to be on more of his face.

That’s me, I thought.

You might not be a bifocals kind of a guy, she said.

You got that right, doc.

Too laid back to see things straight. lol

That’s what I call perfect vision.