Surviving Unsolved Mysteries

Mysteries drive us… to peace and to madness.

Sometimes, we can never truly know the source of our pain.

Losing someone, falling out of love, getting laid off, being ignored. These things hurt us deeply. They stab at us in the most tender of places, and the pain persists because we never get to solve the mystery. We never get to find out why.

Why did she leave?
Why did they let me go?
Why won’t someone call me back?

The answers exist in another person, and, for whatever reason, we don’t have access. But, still, we ponder and so the pain continues.

One-sided conversations have a way of picking up speed and straying from the truth, like a child losing their adult in a crowd and running in all directions out of sheer panic, not for the sake of rescue.

What’s happening to me?
Where am I ?
Will I ever get back to where I was?

Not knowing is painful. Losing and being lost is terrifying.

Some mysteries will never be solved, some relationships will never be understood, some responses will never come.

It’s hard.

But we can ask our feet to stop running. We can ask our mind to stop racing. We can let go of the one-sided conversations that are hurting us.

When you’re feeling discarded, when the faces seem strange, try to find comfort in this: our breaths are always within our control, our first steps, hurried and impulsive, may not be the ones to follow, and home is not always where you left it.

Be well, everyone.

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