The Naked Dream

We’ve all had it. You’re at school. You’re at work. You’re on a bus. And you’re naked. Completely naked, for everyone to see. This is one of the most common stress dreams out there, right alongside the “running in the endless hallway” dream and the “forgetting you had a class/exam until the last minute” dream.

I had The Naked Dream last night, but it wasn’t stressful. I had a breakthrough.

I was naked outside in a huge line, like the one you would stand in to go to a show, about 3-4 people wide and wrapping around buildings.

The difference with this naked dream is: I didn’t care. I was just going about my business as usual, only naked. The line went indoors onto a carpeted hallway and down a few flights of stairs. I remember dancing, almost floating down the stairs on the outside of the line of disinterested people. I was moving faster than everyone else touching every other stair, then every fifth step, then skipping entire flights and landing with no impact at all.

It was fun! And I was getting where I needed to go. Perhaps, that’s what made being naked easy.

Another strange part. I was headed to a room: The final destination? And there was a man behind me. I jumped up and did a slow-motion backflip up over him, tapping my feet on the ceiling and landing behind him, allowing him to walk into “the room” first.

Not sure what that was about. Generosity? Whimsy? I was still naked when I landed. Same carpet as the stairs.

Inside “the room” which sort of looked like a gourmet bathroom without the stalls, there was a duffel bag on the table and I knew it was mine. It didn’t have any clothes in it, just passports, books, letters from people, and shoes. One of the letters said, “Welcome! You have a room waiting for you upstairs.”

As I finished reading this warm welcome that filled me with excitement as to what was waiting for back me upstairs, I looked passed my hands holding the letter and noticed I had clothes on.