The Ones Not In The Room

Most of us are haters, though we hate to admit it.

We are so quick to hate someone outside the room.

We’re particularly good at this when the person outside the room has wronged a person inside the room.

And we’re bonafide pros at hating when the person inside the room is a friend.

Case in point:

He fired me!
Really? What an asshole.

I think we put a lot of hate in the world this way.

Ironically, we’re doing it as a means of sending love to our friends. It’s a pact.

I will hate the person who cut you off on the way to work if you will hate the person who cut my kid from the team.

Hatred in solidarity. It feels good in the moment like gifting each other with warm fuzzy slippers, but, without realizing it, we’re tossing shards of glass on the ground at the same time…

which, by simple logic, limits where we can go,

who we can love,

and what we can hope for.