Squeakers & Non Squeakers

They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

I guess that means I get no oil.

That’s okay.

When I’m looking for a gutter cleaner or a floor refinisher, I try and be as nice and accomodating as possible.

Have to call me back? No problem. Can’t fit me in this week? That’s cool. Send a text instead? You got it.

It goes with my philosophy. When working with people, always try to be GREAT…


To some, this means they can put me on a shelf (so they can deal with the squeakers, presumably). They’re thinking, they don’t have to worry about me so, well… they don’t. And I move on.

But the ones I do end up working with?

I get a big smile when they arrive.

A handshake with eye contact.

Stories about their kids.


The bonus plan.

A little more than originally promised.

Suggestions for maintenance.

Tricks of the trade.


Ideas for the future.

Another handshake.

Another smile.

Two thumbs up.

And that good feeling when I close the door or drive away.

It’s my belief that people usually want to give you their best. You just have to make space for them to do it.

By not being squeaky, I get a lot more than oil.