The Truth(s) Shall Keep Us Apart

(1 min read)

From the outside, finding, discovering, and following the truth can look a lot like becoming brainwashed. Once we settle on the answer and never leave it (even for good reason!), people who think differently may view us as not being able to think for ourselves.

Add to this the challenge that facts float around us like driftwood these days – there are so many truths to be had and they’re so easy to find, especially the ones that support our own beliefs!

As divergent thinking continues to expand so too does the idea that more and more people (the people we don’t understand or relate to) are becoming brainwashed and lost.

This is dangerous. It turns ‘diversity of thought’ into a thousand sharp swords held by feuding tribes.

All of us, we will never inherently have the same values, the same upbringing, the same books. We will never start out on the same wave, or crest at the same time, for we can’t control the sea. And so we will cling to different things that keep us afloat, simply by where we started off, where the tide is going, and what we learn along the way from the people floating next to us.

And for this, we remain separate, holding onto the things and people we gather for survival, as others do the same until we are all islands on the surface, fooling ourselves into thinking we’re tethered to the ground.