Good Is Good

I’ve noticed this scenario with activist groups:

PROTESTER 1: We did it! We got them to make a change.

PROTESTER 2: Well, we never should have had to fight for this in the first place.

Or this…

PROTESTER 1: We raised $100,000!

PROTESTER 2: Yeah, but what about all the families who didn’t get any aid?

Both protesters are correct.

#2 is more righteous than #1 but her comments are not necessarily more helpful.

One thing I’ve learned about fighting a moral fight is that Good is Good. Any change from less good to more good should be celebrated.

A slightly better rule.
A small shift in sentiment.
A soft-spoken yes

A good act is always good.

A narrow-minded person becoming a little less narrow-minded is a victory.

This can be hard to see against the backdrop of extraordinary pain and suffering.

When a sliver of light comes in the window, it’s okay to reach out and put our hand in it.

It’s the warmth that keeps us going.