The Un-Coach

Say it with me.

No, I don’t want to 10X my business. I don’t want 30-40 more client leads than I already have. I don’t want to create an “effortless passive revenue stream” so I can parasail on the Galapagos Islands or eat the rarest of birds.

I don’t want abundance.

I love what I already have.

Ah, yes… here it is: I seek to love what I have and who I have it with, each and every day of my beautiful life.

I have enough.

I am already Bill & Melinda Gates, simply by not taking it all in the first place. Why not skip the part of needing to put it in one place?

I might not get the plaque but we’d reach the same goal, and more quickly.

Thanks Bill, but we wouldn’t need to fund the nonprofits, if we weren’t so driven by the for-profits.

Let’s not celebrate the giving after the taking. Let’s celebrate the not taking. It’s harder to see, but it’s out there.

We need a seminar on that.

A crowd of a thousand people screaming in hysteria to make less.

And no one on the stage.