Permission to Speak Freely

I often say inappropriate things. I can baffle and offend. I confuse people.

My mind skips around. I connect strange dots. It’s a blessing and curse.

To be odd and unexpected.

Still, I speak freely. Less analysis upfront means less stress in conversations and more brain power to wonder.

My Japanese aunt calls it having a “clean mind.”

Not shaping my own words according to what others might think, say, or do.

I have a guiding principle that allows for this to happen.


Above all else, I care about people: the person I’m with, the person I’m passing, the person I may have just offended.

I don’t have to worry about my linguistic mishaps because they are unintended and will be cleaned up naturally in the next sentence.

You will see it in my eyes. Feel it in my voice. Something that cannot be faked.

I mean no harm.

I want you to flourish, to be better than you were before, to reach whatever you’re reaching for. Deep in my heart, I want this to happen.

So, if I misstep, bear with me.

I’m doing my best and I’ll come back around.

We’ve got places to go, debris to clear.

It’s all possible, with strange dots.

You’ll see.